Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inexpensive diorama

Saw some really cool work in Small Crafts by high school students today. Lots of possibilities, make up your own. Go to DOLLERAMA and purchase an unpainted shadow box...the kind with a window. Inside (re)create favourite scenes, use your old photos, cut out pics of friends and family and glue the figures on cardboard to be placed in the foreground - add real objects to heighten the depth illusion, like brances for trees etc, overlapping items to make it interesting. A neat way to display pics, or give as gifts to remind folks of special times you have shared.
I'm going to create VanGogh's bedroom at Arles to hang on a large screen I am making - I bought six 6' hollow wood doors at an auction and hinged them together to pull across my sliding doors. On one side will be an enlagement of same painting...I think it will be kinda interesting to have two 'perspectives' on it. On the other side I'm going to create a collage of collected patterns and textures from magazines - mixed with sheet music that was being thrown out. I'll start to post the process as I go thru it beginning in a week or so.


Bobbie said...

Hello Jan, I am just enthralled with the reuse ideas that you have developed. I've linked to you from my blog and hope you don't mind that I've showcased a couple of your works.

jan pinney said...

Thank you so much. Lovely to receive such positive feedback.

Frances said...

Wow, Jan,
I followed Bobbie over here. Lovely work. I do love recycling and re-using, anyhow, but your stuff is beautiful and cheering as well. Will be popping in to look at your pretty things often.